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Metooo Event Plan

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ビジネス 仕事効率化
開発者 Metooo

News in the Metooo world: the app for the most progressive organizers of events is born: Metooo Event Plan.

Here you can:
- Manage orders
- Monitor access of participants to your event, so as to coordinate access flow.
- Check-in by QR codes or manually by swipe
- Scan the tickets through the camera of your mobile device
- Send information to your users, before, during and after your event
- Prepare or change the guest lists
- Search for the names of participants directly through the search bar in your lists

This is just the beginning of the Metooo Event Plan app. In fact, the app will soon be updated and integrated with many other features that will allow you to design and manage your events in full, just like you are doing now from the web-based version of Metooo.